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Release Notes History

Version Released 2010.06.04

Maintenance Release

Defect Fixes:
  • About Box now displays regional and language settings in effect.
  • SDF now notices if user locale changes from the system control panel. The only visible manifestation of this currently is if you right-click the header row of a result grid to open its context menu, then view the submenu with date formatting choices.
  • Changed Connection Editor's database dropdown to display non-system DBs only by default but with the shift key to also include system DBs.
  • Fixed Connection Editor to retain correct details of currently selected connection after saving the connection set.
  • In meta-query library (SQL Server only), deleted DatabaseName column from several queries because their domain is always the current database.
  • In meta-query library (SQL Server only), standardized field names in several queries.
  • In meta-query library (SQL Server only), added/modified ORDER BY clauses in several queries to eliminate warning messages when TurboSort is enabled at the time a meta-query is executed.
  • Installer now includes a shortcut for the user guide as a stub, directing user where to download the actual user guide.
  • Help menu now includes a menu item to open the user guide. If the user has already downloaded the separate user guide, it just opens. If not, SDF prompts the user to download it.

Very minor updates to the user manual are pending.

Version Released 2010.05.12

Maintenance Release

An embedded user control inadvertently assumed US regional and language settings; with non-US settings the application crashed during startup. (See the "Cannot resolve work item macro, invalid id." issue report)
The user manuals are unchanged from the previous release.

Version Released 2010.04.30

Initial Public Release
  • Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0
  • SqlDiffFramework is designed for the enterprise! Check with your system administrator (or see the user guide) for how to:
    • Point to the SqlDiffFramework repository (if any) so you will be notified of updates (user guide, section 2.2.2).
    • Load a set of of default database connections for your environment (user guide, section 2.2.1).
  • If you are running Windows XP and selected the large-address-space install, be sure your machine is configured to boot with the /3GB option--see boot.ini options.

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