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Download the latest installer from the Downloads tab. Run the wizard to tailor the installation to your particular needs, including:
  • installation location;
  • whether to add a shortcut to your Start menu, desktop, or Quick Launch bar; and
  • a choice (for Windows XP) of whether to install the standard version or the large address space version.
Additional considerations for enterprise installation are detailed in Chapter 2 (Getting Started) of the SqlDiffFramework User Guide -- see the Downloads tab.


SqlDiffFramework User Guide cover Launching the application reveals two empty, side-by-side SQL editors. SqlDiffFramework is easy and intuitive to use, with a plethora of tooltips to guide you. However, by its nature of being a framework it does have a small learning curve so first time users are strongly encouraged to read the SqlDiffFramework User Guide -- see the Downloads tab. The user guide was also designed to be easy and intuitive to use, providing a variety of resources for users from novice to expert, including:
  • the single-page Quick Start (section 5.1);
  • the master function reference (section 5.3) that lists every operation with its associated keys, menus, or on-screen controls, where applicable;
  • screenshots of the on-screen reference sheets for the major components of the application (section 5.4);
  • a detailed discussion of using the application starting with walk-through scenarios (chapter 3); and
  • an exhaustive description of every menu, control, and feature (chapter 4).

A User Guide (150+ Pages) Designed to Be Read!

Available for your convenience in two page sizes (letter or A4) -- see the Downloads tab.


To work with the source and compile SqlDiffFramework, simply download the latest source code and compile the single Visual Studio solution. All required external libraries are included in two separate directories in the source code tree, one for my own generic CleanCode libraries and one for all others. The major building blocks used from my CleanCode libraries are detailed in the SqlDiffFramework User Guide (section 5.6) -- see the Downloads tab.



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