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Project Description
Unique in database comparison, SDF lets you compare live data--or saved snapshots--from any combination of SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, or ODBC data sources.

Compatible data sources


  • Take the pain out of comparing apples to oranges. No need for a complicated recipe to export, transfer, and reconfigure data; define simple SQL query statements just once then run any number of comparisons with a single click!
  • Dramatically reduce your time and effort to find data discrepancies in your production databases or development databases.
  • Obtain peace of mind by quantifying differences between target data sets.
  • Really see what your front end is doing by monitoring cause and effect: take a snapshot first, perform some action in your application, then see exactly what changed in your data.


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Visual Comparison Automated, multiple comparisons Connection editor Meta-Query Selector

(A) SqlDiffFramework compares two data sources and highlights both row and column differences for just the columns you want.
  • Compare the same data over time (either current data vs. prior data or two snapshots of prior data).
  • Compare the same data on two different servers.
  • Compare data from different systems (e.g. SQL Server vs. Oracle).
  • Verify two systems have synchronized data.

(B) Automate analysis by running any number of comparisons with one click.

(C) Define connections to your data source with the powerful connection editor, be it Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, or any ODBC data source.

(D) The meta-query picker lets you quickly get information about your data, such as finding which tables contain a column of a given name, what the primary keys of a table are, etc.

For more information see the extended_feature_list.

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